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Author, Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor

About Tracy

      Tracy Hennes is a wife, mom, best-selling author, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, elected school board member, and community volunteer with an extensive former career serving children with special needs. Her passions are natural health and wellness, education, helping victims of trauma, and embracing each day as an opportunity to be better than we were the day before. Throughout the course of her life, Tracy has walked some difficult paths, including a period of childhood abuse, but she now appreciates every experience as a building block to whom she is today. "I realize now, that through every difficult time I was never really alone," she says. "Make an effort to encounter every person with kindness. They likely have a struggle of their own. A simple smile can bring them a moment of hope and a sense of community. "

     She resides in Wisconsin with her husband, Matt, three children, and numerous pets on their homestead-turned-hobby-farm. Tracy enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, playing with recipes, working out in fun t-shirts, and enriching life with relationship. Tracy has a heart for serving others, but especially for sharing messages of hope, love, acceptance, and sharing the truth in life so that we can step out of the darkness of fear and into the light of really living the life that we were meant to live.



No weekly

Holy Yoga Classes

during the summer. Tracy is leading yoga sessions for special events, private or small-group sessions, and pop-up outdoor workouts. Contact Tracy today if you'd like to schedule a session. 

Two #1 Best Sellers
that Glorify God! 

Both books above "A FEW Words on Becoming HOLY, WHOLE, & FIT" and "The Miracle Effect" hit the #1 Best Seller Lists! God is SO good and is at work in the hearts of readers through these books.  

Books are now also available at Local Retailers, Including

Nutman/Really Cool Gift Shop

in Hubertus

and Faith & Giggles in Hartford

Book Bundle Special is available only directly through Tracy Hennes. 

Contact Tracy Hennes if you'd like to set up a book-signing event, book club, or have a worthy cause that you'd like consideration of for donation of proceeds from sales. 



Vinyasa & Vino - Thurs. July 19th

Would you like to get together with some friends for a yoga and wine night? 

e-mail me at

for details

Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive.

Contact Tracy

(414) 416-1897


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