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Climbing the Mountain

Hiking in the mountains in CA. Half Dome in the distance.

Have you ever looked at a trail map and thought, "Well, it's only a few miles. It shouldn't take me that long to hike it?" Then once you're out on the trail, you realize how steep the terrain is, how windy the trails are, and how loose the footing may be and it seems to take forever to climb that mountain! Well, I've been wanting to start a blog, a website, get down to writing for the last few years. It didn't seem like it would be that big of a deal. I mean how hard could it be? So many people on the internet make it look like it's a cake-walk. Then the emotions and the fear hit. What if I don't do it right? The limitations of time and my technology skills choked the creativity. I got scared. I doubted myself. I ended up on that loose gravel hiking trail winding back and forth up the mountain. Well, today I finally conquered that mountain and reached the summit! I've got to tell you, it feels amazing! I've always been drawn to the mountains. There is something so beautiful and amazing about catching all there is to see on the hikes then reaching that ultimate view and pinnacle of satisfaction at the top. Mountains are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible. God often chose to reveal himself on a mountain. Many people feel that a mountain is symbolic of being closer to God. There is a feel to being in the mountains, maybe it's elevation sickness, but I think there is something greater at work in me when I get on a hiking trail on a mountain. Real mountain, or figurative, today I can feel that satisfaction of finally completing the hike up the mountain. I plan to keep hiking! Don't let doubt or fear hold you back from a dream. Set a goal and a timeline and get going up that mountain! #extraordinary

#mountains #goals #writing #author #dreams #persevere

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