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You are Worthy of a Miracle

I've been on a journey at a pace a step behind others my whole life; always cheering them onto their goals and dreams from the sidelines because I felt they were worthy and I wasn't. I was kind of lost; afraid, ashamed, standing in the comfort of the shadows of others. Then God spoke up loud and clear and let me know my worth.

Today is the release of the book "The Miracle Effect". (Click on the video above to learn a little more about the project.) I had the opportunity to share a part of my story in a chapter! I'm not afraid to share this story because it's time to step into that light that He shown upon me so I can share the truth with others that YOU ARE WORTHY. Every single one of us is.

I feel so incredibly blessed to walk arm in arm with 19 other brave women, so we can share stories of hope with you and countless others. #imoneofthefew Get in the middle of these miracles and get ready for yours! The book is available TODAY on

There is real power in setting our stories and our souls free for the good of others! Help to make this book of hope a best-seller by purchasing yours on Amazon today! #themiracleeffect

#book #miracle #miracleeffect #hope

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