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DevoDivas answer "What's a Devotional?"

What's a devotional?...Seems to be the question I've heard a few times lately as I become increasingly excited about the release of A Few Words on Becoming Holy, Whole, and Fit in just 2 days on Amazon!

I love my daily devos and I tend to flock with other women who know what I'm talking about when I say that, but I forget that until just a few years ago, I didn't really know what that meant either.

I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of 15 authors in this book, and it's considered a "devotional." I'm telling you, a book written with 15 author perspectives that ties together scripture, anecdotes, stories, thought-provoking questions, journal space, prayer, and fitness gonna rock this world! So what else could I call this group but the "devo divas" as I posed the question ...

"What's a devotional?"

"A devotional is a way to dig into the Bible, understand God's meaning, and learn how to apply it to your own life. Devotionals create a bridge between God's Word and our living of it."- Reji Laberje (best-selling author, coach, owner of Bucketlist to Bookshelf)

"For me, the best thing about a devotional is it's usually a quick read that gets me into The Word and helps me to center my thoughts and my day in a healthy and God-honoring way. A FEW Words on BECOMING HOLY, WHOLE, & FIT will give readers that experience and more."- Tracy Hennes (best-selling author)

"Each of the fifteen authors show real life applications to move toward our goal through resting in the Lord, chewing on the word of God, flowing in the living water of the Holy Spirit, and exercising our faith. " - Marlene Mackey Dawson (best-selling author)

Here's a sneak peak at this devotional. . .(by Kimberly Joy Krueger, best-selling author, THE diva of the devo divas :-)

I hope I was able to help bring some clarification to "What is a devotional?" for you.

If you're new to this type of "devotional", I hope you'll check it out! The Amazon link goes live on Friday, April 20, 2018.

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