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The "Big" Rocks

"How's this one, Mommy?," "This one's so pretty, Mama!," "Should we bring this one home, Mom?"...I could hear their little voices replaying in my mind as I worked on the rock garden today. When they were younger my three children would pick up a special rock or just an ordinary rock from a special place. They'd hold it out in their little hands and display it to me, proudly, asking me if it was good enough for the rock garden. Then the rock would come home and find a place along our patio, under the Clematis. I don't know if they ever realized that the very act of them proudly holding it out for me to see always made that rock special to me. Over the years, these rocks were covered with the fall leaves, sunk a little further down into the ground, or were covered with foliage as the summer went on and the vines of purple blossoms grew fuller. Now on the eve of my youngest child's birthday, I know that tomorrow I will officially become the mom of three teenagers. Today I felt compelled to uncover the rocks, so I can set them in a bed of gravel, above the ground, in a precious little place of honor. As I dug my fingers down to feel the edges of the rocks, I prayed to our heavenly Father to help me uncover each precious rock so it's beauty could shine for His glory; just as I prayed the beauty in each of my children shines brightly for His glory. I felt the Holy Spirit as I went about my work today and now there is a gentle rain falling, showering each of those rocks with His love and care. It gives me a longer pause to stop and realize how blessed I am. A mentor once told me about the importance of going after the "big" rocks. Today, I realize how precious each of the little rocks is on the journey too! Time to let all of them shine!

Thank you, Father, for the precious and important moments in life, no matter how big or how small. I thank you for this day and for the blessing of motherhood. I look forward to tomorrow, when I will celebrate my son's thirteenth birthday and place these precious rocks firmly on their bed of gravel to be proudly displayed for your glory. May the bed of gravel represent the firm foundation that Matt and I are building in our marriage and in our home. Just as that bed of gravel supports each rock representing a memory and a place in a journey, let our children feel our love and support on their journeys in life. And dear Lord, I know a lot of people say the teens are the toughest years, but please help me to be a great mom and make these years that they will cherish. Amen.

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